July 3, 2007

Redeeming Sins in Sin City

I drank two beers, ate 3 square meals a day, gambled away nearly $4.50 (four dollars and 50 cents), and went to church on Sunday. Sounds like a pretty lame weekend in Vegas. Sounds like I hung out with a group of sixty year olds. Wrong answer. It was a BLAST. Oh and the 60 year olds turned out to be trendy 20 somethings.

I spent last weekend in Vegas and had great time. I love to travel and I am content with simply experiencing new places. I didnt gamble much nor drink but i did stay at a holiday inn express. Just playing, i stayed at my brothers friend genesis's parents house (i know there should be some apostrophes in there but id rather write this side statement to make me seem cool for not knowing where to put them and to be funny. Maybe its not funny, but in any case i dont really know grammer. Go Buccos).

I drove to LV on friday after work with a couple of other interns here in the Bagad metro area. We made it to the dam, Hoover, in less than 3 hours. There is beautiful country side leading up to the damn however, there were no good viewpoints of the big dam wall. When i first saw the dam from the back i was this dam sucks. After we the dam we made the short remaining portion of the trip to vegas. This place was like the whole world put into one 3 mile strip of road. Every casino has a theme- hollywood, paris, new york, venice, treasure island, rich white male land owner, egyptian pyramids, and ancient castles. My point is that this place has the money to make anything possible, anything. Everything here is to the extreme which makes it quite the spectacle.

Friday night i went to a comedy club and saw a couple of amateur comics. they werent that great but it was still funny because the people I was with. If i could talk in front of a crowd i could probaly make a few heads turn but i work in a mine which makes me an outcast to society. After the comedy club we went to this carnival. The carnival is actually an outdoor dance club/bar with bartenders who reminded me of tom cruise in that movie. One dude tipped them 200 bucks. Id have to spend a week working in the heat to be able to throw down like that.

Saturday was chill since we were out late. I managed to get a run in at night there. After that we just played around at a casino. We had dinner at about 2am. I stuffed myself with turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes. After dinner everyone was drained except for myself. For some odd reason i was bouncing off the walls ready to go nuts. I harnessed my excitement and stuffed my face into a pillow for the night. In the moring i ran with some old guy i met on the streets while running and then went to church with everyone. We may have been the only 20 year olds there. After churh we went to paris and had some crapes-tasty french food. Then I went home. Fill in the gaps with your imagination.

Last weekend i went to LA to see my brother and hang with his friends. Good times that weekend also. Met a hippy girl practices yoga under a rock. Long story short, we talked about stuff. The end.