January 8, 2009

2009 SUPER Goal List

The New Year offers the opportunity to re-evaluate your life and set goals (and gives me something to blog about). Most people fail to keep their New Year's Resolutions and I will likely join that vast majority. After several minutes of deliberation, I came up with these random goals for '09:

Plant a Garden
Read Entire Bible
Become Active Member in the Church here
Have fun and don't tiptoe through life
Try that Outside Magazine "Eat all items on this list in One week" thing
Keep in touch with old friends (Maybe once per week via Internet or phone)
Run Rim to Rim to Rim Grand Canyon
Explore every south rim trail at the Grand Canyon
Run with Someone at least once per week
Run PR in the Marathon
Run some "New" races like a Trail marathon or some ridiculous hill climb or an Ultra
Run more workouts instead of just easy running
Blog Twice per week
Eat No Fast Food
Give to a Charity regularly
Floss Daily
Visit 3 new States or Countries
Make a Fixed gear bicycle
Get a Mountain bike and explore natural wonders with it
Get the Internet at Home
Clean my kitchen floor at least once per week
Clean my bathroom at least once per week
Finally unclog drain in bathroom (or stop shedding hair)
Donate Hair to Locks for Love
Take a course or two at the community college
Wash Truck Once Per month (with soap and water) and wax twice in 2009
Be grateful for the position I am in and don't get down about work and life
Cook a new recipe every week
"Read and run everyday" (I heard Will Smith say this during an interview. I thought it was pretty catchy and wise. Plus the fresh prince is a cool guy)
Sleep outside 50 nights
Open Roth IRA
Buy some stock
Improve Relationships with people, friends, and family
Talk to a random person every time I go to the store
Go on Multi day backpacking trip
Visit a 3 New National Parks
Watch sporting events at 3 New stadiums
Bike 100 Miles in one day
Add 100 more goals to this list

Anyone have any additional suggestions? I would be happy to add it.


  1. Just came across this blog-hoppin' and whatnot--either that or work, right? ;o) You've got some very cool goals. I like that it's a broad mix of personal, charitable and BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals). Even if you only accomplish some of them, you've made progress, so go for it, I say!

  2. Read the Bible in '09? Whew. That'd be tough but it's a great goal. I need to get started, too. I like the "new recipe" goal. Good luck to ya!

  3. Genghis- Nice name. I know I have plenty of BHAGs but thats the point. If I dont get them all accomplished thats ok.

    Clara- I have already started on the new recipe per week thing. I made a lasagna and a broccoli/macaroni casserole. I took pictures but it seems kinda of girly to post a picture of something I made in the kitchen. I will on that.

  4. Good goals Z. I like the improve relationships one. Those people will always be in your life! Great job!