February 21, 2009

XC Skiing

Last weekend I went XC Skiing in Flagstaff. It was a great workout and plenty of fun thanks to the 8000' elevation and the Ponderosa pines. The scenery at the Flagstaff Nordic Center was refreshing. I haven't seen that much snow in a long time. It was great.

There are two styles of XC skiing: Skate and Classic. I did not know this until someone blew by me going 3 times as fast. So skate style skiing is much more efficient and looks like you are roller blading. The track pattern on the snow looks like a V-shape. Whereas classic style XC is more straight on. I was given classic skis because I told the woman I had never skied before and I had fun. But i would like to try skate skiing because it looks more involved and you go faster.

The Nordic Center advertises that they have over 40km of trails. I spent the entire day trying to hit every trail. I managed to do it but I had to stop for lunch. Needless to say I was sore for the better part of this week.

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