September 13, 2009


If you don't know who Billy Mills is check out the video and make sure the volume is up.

Another longer video with Billy talking about his Tokyo win. Note that smile of his.

I had the honor to hear him speak last night. It was awesome. The jovial 71 year old emphasized that "the choices we make in life choreograph our destiny." He went on to talk about how he never drank alcohol or used drugs. One other interesting tidbit from his talk: during his summers in high school, Billy and a friend worked for a Nebraskan farmer. The farmer had no space in his house for the boys to sleep. So they had to sleep in their choice of 12 old, wrecked cars next to the house and bathe in the stream. He went on to win the South Dakota cross country state championship that year.

Here is picture of Mr. Mills and that beaming smile of his signing a poster for me

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