February 19, 2010

Smoke Breaks

I work in a blue collar industry. People employed in this type of
setting, or anyone who works for a corporation, tend to believe that
the earlier you start working, the better, more productive worker you
are. This is hardly true.

I am fortunate enough to essentially show up and leave when I want
within reason. Most people show up at 7 and work until 4 but some show
up at 7:30 or 8 and leave at 5 or 6. I think this is perfectly ok as
long as you get the job done. What difference does it make when you
come in to work? Furthermore, what difference does it make to only
work 6 hours instead of 8 if you get the same amount of work done?

Last week I came into to work at 7:20am. As I entered the office
building, I was teased by a group of "hard" working, "blue" collar
individuals standing by the door smoking. One guy looked down at his
watch and joked' "Banker hours, eh?". I laughed it off and went to
work without really thinking about it. Ha ha ha have a good time out
here polluting your body.

It dawned on me later that these guys are brilliant. If you smoke, you
get more breaks. How silly would it be if they were standing around
outside playing jenga or hopscotch? It simply wouldn't be tolerated
and the employees would be reprimanded. But when there is a group
bs'ing off on a tangent about Obama's failed economic recovery plan,
literally sucking their own life away, no one even blinks an eye.

Maybe I should start smoking.


  1. "what difference does it make to only
    work 6 hours instead of 8 if you get the same amount of work done?"

    technically, absolutley nothing. but then they will expect you to work the extra 2 hours and get more done than you usually do, it's a conundrum.

    also, i came across this article, thought you might enjoy. http://runningtimes.com/Article.aspx?ArticleID=18810

    enjoy your smoke breaks!

  2. Zach your blog is awesome. Inspirational and hilarious.
    ...I've considered the same thing about ppl who smoke and get extra breaks.
    Not many of those smokers can run circa 5 min miles though. You have the better deal...

  3. but just think how cool it would be to win a marathon and then light one up at the finish line. All the other runners would be like, "wow, he MUST be good!!!"

  4. B-mac: I actually saw that article awhile back. people in running and endurance events never cease to amaze me.

    Janelle/steve- thanks. i would start smoking but it just cost too dang much these days. Sigh, I remember when it used to be a buck a pack.