December 9, 2010

Things That Made Me Smile Last Week

Mexico- Had a great time biking to Mexico, meeting like minded and amazing people, serving the community, attempting to speak Spanish,  and playing with kids there.  On Sunday, morning I went on a 1 hour long jog to the top of this mountain right next to the beach as the sun was rising.  Couldn't really beat it.  There was a cross at the top and as I was driving back to the States I noticed that nearly every hilltop had a cross on top.  I will be back.

Sometime during late 2009, I was asked to give permission to use my video from the Nankoweap Ruins during my Grandaddy Trip.  I said sure and pretty much forgot about it.  Yesterday, the writer who asked for permission (Stacey) emailed me with the link to her story.  Here it is.

I finally put together a John Muir Trail report/story from my thru hike over 2 months ago.  I will post it next.

I thought this was a wonderful illustration of how you can show represent numbers and data with graphics.

This video was recommended to me by youtube.  It is ironic because this is the guy who inspired my nickname of Spanish in college.

My sister just sent this to me.


  1. This also made me laugh hysterically. Any chance you still know where the video is where the guy goes through the friend's computer, line:" ughh... wellllll..."?

  2. man we've been trying to track that one down for 3 years. still no luck. i should assign the task to billly.

  3. Great Videos. Really enjoyed The Joy of Stats video. Was just talking to a stranger on a plane about a similar topic (love meeting random people with random knowledge on planes). There are great ways to make numbers speak more clearly.