March 20, 2013

The Problem with GoPros and Two Vacation Videos

I take a vacation every two weeks.  The problem with having a vacation every two weeks is documenting and sharing the travel experience with people.

I bought a GoPro 2 about 6 months back when a coworker showed me this one day deal on them.  Impulse buy.  (A few weeks later the 3 came out.  Doh.)  The problem with GoPro's is that they are so good, so easy to use, and so compact that I end up taking too much video that will just sit on my hard-drive collecting cyber dust.

Combine owning a GoPro and numerous opportunities to take once in a lifetime video, and I have the problem of far too many pictures and video simply collecting cyber dust.  I decided last weekend I would set the timer for 3 hours and knock out that Trail Running Tasmania Video I have been wanting to put together for the last 6 weeks.  I was happy with the result so I set the timer again.  This time I finally knocked out the Turtles, Mountains, and Models video from Northern Queensland I have been waiting to make since the start of December.

So here they are:


  1. Saaweeet. How/Where'd you get on a boat full of models?

  2. Long story...Ok actually it is a really short story. Luck. They happened to be on the boat I was taking to the great barrier reef. We dropped them off at this tiny sand island next to Mackay Reef for a photo shoot while we snorkeled the reef.