June 27, 2013

Arizona on My Mind: in Pictures

A small section of Arizona Pictures randomly thrown together.  Great Follow up to yesterday's post: http://bagdaddy.blogspot.com.au/2013/06/arizona-on-my-mind.html

The story of my Arizona Life

Running the Lost Dutchman Marathon in Apache Junction, AZ.

Best sunsets in the world in Arizona.  Although Australia has some stunners.
One of many cool abandoned early 1900s mines in Arizona.  This one  is on the way to Wabayuma Peak, a little known wilderness in the northwest corner of the state.  

Life below the Rim in the Grand Canyon.  This was a much needed rest stop during my 110 mile solo trip self dubbed the Grand Canyon Eastern Loop.  

Bored (board) Hiking at Coors Lake near Bagadad.

Coors Lake and Lawler Peak.  Bagdad Staples.  

Nankoweap ruins in the bottom of the grand canyon.  very difficult 14 mile hike in (28 return) to see the ruins unless you have a boat.

Hiking off trail along the Colorado River on the Floor of the Grand canyon during my 7 day journey.  

Skinny Dipping in Burro Creek near Bagdad.  Two nights before the Las Vegas Marathon to ice the legs

Iconic Havasu Falls on the Hopi Rez.

Escudida Mountain Trail in the seldom talked about White Mountains in Eastern Arizona. 

View from the top of Lawler peak with the Bagdad Mine in the background.  

Havasu Creek just before reaching the Colorado River. 

With the Crew down in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) Mexico for a little mission trip.  

Best pre-race setting I have experienced at the Lost Dutchman Marathon.  

Karl and I just chillin and fishing in Lees Ferry.

Old Pueblo 50 mile start.

Old Pueblo 50 mile middle alongside the race director.

Old Pueblo 50 mile after finishing.  Still Alive.  Barely.

Sunrise from Humphreys Peak. 

Bro and I and 793D Haul Truck.

SSsssssssssssssssssnake.  Weirdest one i have ever seen right on the dirt road i ran everyday after work. 

Janell and I in Sedona hiking. 

Karl and I in Buckskin Gultch utah/az

Bro and I watching cardinals game in glendale 

Coworkers and I hiking Superstition mountains outside Phoenix.  Armando, Jaime, Nikki.

A little post work quail hunting.  Loved getting out the hills and walking for hours  in search of them.  

MTN biking.

An all too common theme while driving back to work, back to bagdad on sunday night.


So many mines everywhere.  

A rare 4 inches of snow outside my apartment in bagdad.

Soulstice Mountain trail run flagstaff start.

Crazy Gila Monster.  A rare sight to see one.

picture from my coworkers mountain lion hunt.  Crayzyzee

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