July 15, 2013

Random Thoughts this Past Week

I used to say I was born in the wrong era and that I should have been born in the early 1800’s so I could be a mountain man, live off the land, and prospect for gold out west.  But I am not so sure anymore.  The world is connected now and there is endless opportunity to learn and experience new things via the internet new things that.  And I can jump on an airplane and actually see how people in rural Borneo live and still be back to work on Monday.  The more I travel and the more I mess around online, the more I realize I know so little.  I will never be able to learn everything and I will never be able to try everything.  Hmm, so maybe it would be simpler to just live as a mountain man in the 1800’s.  Ah, The simple life. 

I really like this band called First aid kit.  Maybe it’s because I saw them perform at Southbound 2013 and then at a random after show with 12 other people in an intimate setting at 3 in the morning.  Very random but cool to meet and shake hands with the Girls.  Cool video here that reminds me of the small late night show they played except they look a lot younger in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMrqBldlqzA&list=PLsDpvrAEIuYHpDbouh5tnGU06jq7uYyS4

More doping news, this time in the sport I love Track and Field.  I understand these athletes are under intense pressure and governing bodies and meet directors want fast times.  Maybe records just have kind of plateaued and we won’t be seeing records constantly being broken at exponential rates.  I am fine with that.  I would much rather see times start to slow down and clean competition any day.  Why even worry about the clock anymore?  I just want to see good competitions.   

I have been listening to iTunes radio at work on the weekends when it is quite.  There are 1000’s of stations, all free to use, which find amazing.  How do musicians make money if everything is free and/or on youtube?  Sometimes I listen to the Carnegie Mellon Freeform radio station just because it is Pittsburgh based and Carnegie Mellon has a lot of smart people so maybe it will make me smarter.  The station I listened to all weekend was Western Maines Classic Rock Station- Abram Radio WMCR.  There are 457 different classic rock stations but I chose that one because of the obscure location: Western Maine.  I somehow managed to never travel to New England.  Maine is on my list. 

How do some people have wives and kids that can’t manage their own lives?  I guess it just shows that I am not as bad as I think and could probably pull it off as well.

Did 60 minutes in the rain today.  That is a really long run for me.  My calf still hurts and my hip aches.  Both on the left side.  This is so annoying but I am feeling better than I have in 3 years.  I am still not happy with how I am running and not going to plan any racing.  I am going to keep running on it though.  I have taken all precautions and will keep up with the physio.

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