July 24, 2013

Top 5 Posts and How to Get out of a Funk

TOP 5 Posts the Last 30 days

10 Days Backpacking around Europe-with a Crutch. By far my most popular one the last 30 days.  It also took me the longest to write (I wrote 70% of it 2 years ago).  This shows that people like posts about exotic destinations and places they only dream about.  Or I took more time on it and the writing style shows it?

How I Travel.  2nd most popular of the last 30 days.  I really liked this one as well.  Lightweight, simple travel is picking up steam. Literally just read this post today how-to-travel-21-contrarian-rules.  Really similar philosophy to mine.

What's the Point.  For my selfless friend, who showed up for others everyday even when she was tired or having a bad one.

7 Ingredients for Perfect Day.  My perfect day is pretty simple... but why do I still stress about everything else that doesn't really matter?

How I Fell in Love with American West and the sister post Arizona on my Mind.  Brings back some old memories.


I posted everyday for the last 30 days to celebrate the last 5 years of being in the real world.  But the primary reason was to get out of a funk.  I needed to do something different to mix up my life a bit.  So I started writing.  I probably spent 1 hour per day for the past month writing and publishing this blog.  There are a number of things one can do with 1 hour per day.  Some people may spend their time with friends or family.  Others may just squander it away playing video games.  I chose to write.  And I am glad I did.

Its funny how getting into a routine and developing a habit in one area translates to all areas.  I felt I was more focused in all aspects of life due to committing and sticking to the writing goal.  My running is the best it has been in 3 years and I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.  I got into the mind stimulating habit of watching 1 Ted Talk everyday while eating dinner (this helped me create new ideas and write more).  I was more outgoing in my social life, meeting up with friends in the city when I would normally just stay in the hills camped out.  I even forced myself to ask out a girl I had shyly liked for a long time (which ended in epic failure but still a great decision).

Writing is its own form of therapy.  It helps me collect and organize thoughts.  It calms my anxieties.  It allows me to share my stories and ideas that would otherwise remain dormant inside my own head.  

This blog is not read by many people.  Thanks to google analytics, you can see the number of people reading each post.  Most of the posts the last 30 days averaged between 20 and 100 page views each.  I know that is not many.  And of those say 100, 50 probably stumbled upon it on accident and quickly go back to the search engine, 25 are familiar and know about the site but aren't interesting in reading a particular post, 25 may actually read the entire post but is mostly family members.  But like I said, having a regular writing routine and creating something can be therapeutic.  Plus, I have a day job.

Whoever you are, and wherever you are, Thanks for reading.  I appreciate it.