April 8, 2014

March 2014

March was a pretty stale month for me.  No exotic international trips.  Just going back and forth to perth every other week.  No major progress on my reading goals.  Just felt busy.

I did have some training in Perth for work so I got to stay in a hotel for 7 days and got meals paid for.  My moral barometer showed signs of impending storms as I was staying in a 230 dollar per night room.  The family of 4 I stayed with in Indonesian lived off 300 dollars per month.

The city life is extremely easy: show up at 8, get off at 4, run in beautiful kings park with many other fit people, corporate office coffee machines and kitchens and dressing nicely.   But city life is so distracting.  Always some one to meet or getting stuck in traffic and never feeling like I am contributing to the process of making metal.  I think I prefer the simply mining life.

April should be fun.  We'll see

Photo is Claisebrook Train Station.  Perth.  

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