June 14, 2006

Going UP....Town

(Picture Caption: Old School pic of the gang at Footlocker northeast in Van Cortland Park. I return years later as a much fitter, more mature runner.)
Alright... Day 2 of my blogging escapades. Today I had to drive about an hour to get to attend this mandatory safety class which teaches cpr and stuff. Joe Brock, an ex crane operator, is the course instructor. The reason I mention his name is because he’s always smiling and he says "Yeaaaa" every time the class answers one of his questions correctly in kind of a quiet, old cocky man tone which is very entertaining to me. There is another instructor, Joe Sugar (yes last name sugar), who laughs obnoxious loud anytime he says something remotely funny. That alone is funny, but the fact that his last name is sugar and that he is a diabetic only adds to the humor. I love laughing.

On my way home I accidentally missed the road that takes me over the Tappan Zee bridge which is much faster but ended up taking the George Washington bridge which is takes me into the heart of the city ( by the way it is a 6 dollar bridge toll vs. the 4 dollars to cross the Tappan Zee). So I figured I would make the most of it and try to do my run in central park since I was in the city. So I drove around the downtown area just blindly looking for it. The city is packed with people walking everywhere and cars going in every direction. I drove around for about an hour before I gave up and decided to leave. Problem: I don’t know how to get out. Solution: Head north until you see something you recognize. I saw signs for Manhattan College which is right next to Van Cortland Park (its memory). To my surprise, it is pretty hilly or maybe it was the fact that I was sitting in the car for two hours in a pool of my own fear-driven sweat (I don’t have air conditioning and I was afraid to leave my windows down). Anyway, the day was gorgeous and the park was packed with people young and old enjoying themselves. I was tempted to join a pickup soccer game after my run but you know what happened last time I played a pickup soccer game (I got excited and dislocated my shoulder chucking the ball at someone). So I opted to head home and relax the rest of the day.

The Rosow family once again fed me an excellent dinner consisting of fish, green beans and brown rice cooked to perfection. Joel does an excellent job cooking flavorful meals. I am very lucky to have someone cooking dinners for me because it saves me money, time, and energy.

Why am I writing this online journal? Well the reason I am doing this is:
A) To have something to do. I don’t have any friends here (besides Kyra and her friends but our schedules rarely cross). It can get lonely

B) To perhaps entertain you and to share my experiences with someone

C) To showcase my phenomenal writing skills

D) To give you a grammar gym lesson

F) As an engineer, I don’t get to use the left side (or right side I don’t really know or care because I’m bad and tough) of my brain that accents my artistic side
G) I'm in New York City so I have to be stylish or something like that

H) To give you a break from watching the US get jacked up during the World Cup

I) it’s better than actually talking to people. This way I don’t have to watch people fall asleep while listening to my boring New York City stories.

J) To write the words New York City as many times as possible so people will think I’m cool and adventurous.

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  1. Glad to hear your new family is feeding you well.....now don't forget about the old one, we're taking you to Hawaii, dammit.

    love big sis