June 13, 2006

Summer or Bummer: The Debut

Hey guys this is just a little test to see if this works. Right now it’s June 12 at around 930 post meridian time. I'm probably going to go to bed very soon because I have to drive to New Jersey in the morning to attend a safety class. Can you believe I have been living with kyra for about three weeks? Its not bad either. There’s a lot of time to myself meaning I don’t have to spend free time helping my parents with chores and other stuff around the house. Instead, I am able to get a pleasant run after work and relax the rest of the night. I miss playing with friends back home. People around here have different ways of entertaining themselves than we do back home. For example, a night on the town in New York means wearing a stylish collared shirt and socializing with friends whereas a night on town in Sewickley Hills means dressing up in all black, running through the neighborhood, setting off fireworks and jumping in neighbors' pools hoping that someone will call the cops because it just makes the night 50 times more fun. Well boys and girls I'm going to do a little reading before I hit the sack so talk to you later

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