August 22, 2006

Character List for 2nd Job site

This character list is for the second quarry I worked at. The Clinton Point quarry is the largest quarry in New York and operates around the clock. I only worked here for a week since it is a 62 mile drive one way. I didn't get a chance to meet many people while working here but here are the few that stuck out the most.

Steve: He is the plant manager. Very intelligent with a unique personality. There is not much to say about him except that he knew bernardo from a previous job working in a lead smelting plant. They said it was hell on earth.

Eric: The engineer I spent most of my time with. He went to Penn State and was fresh out of college but he's 28. Ahh talk about taking your time to finish college. Wise Man.

John Roofer: Good name. This guys has a unique backround for working as a foreman in a quarry. He graduated college with a biology degree. His first job was working in lab that conducted tests on rats for medical purposes. Apparently that type of job doesnt pay well. Who would have geussed? So he started working at the same lead smelting plant that Steve and Bernardo worked at. He spent the majority of his career (14 years) working in that depressing work environment until he switched jobs. This guy has an optimistic attitude on life that makes him a real pleasure to be around.

Brian: To be honest i forgot this guys name. Thats not important though because he and Roofer joked around so much that i spent more time laughing at them than actually getting to know them.

mmcg07: its up
p3c96: whose up
mmcg07: im up..your up..were all up
mmcg07: cya in there
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