October 25, 2006

Cheap Blog is back

I geuss im back. Summer is long gone and winter is fast approaching. I dont have much to write about but here goes.

Today we got digital cable in our apartamente and i have to say i am rather impressed. There are so many different channels appealing to every desire with such a user friendly interface. See i come from one of those homes that has one tv with the old broomstick remote so digital cable is real treat.

Let me fill in the past couple months i missed from blogging with a few fun facts.

36- Pounds of turkey, ham, and roast beef stockpiled in our fridge

56- hit streak of baseball great joe dimaggio and the number of cigars smoked during the first week of school

547.863298- legal drinking age in the U.S. and my current age in fortnights

3- Flat bike tires on different bikes in a 6 day span

394.56- Meal plan dollars allocated to tech students with major flex plan at the begining of the school year

147.32- Meal plan dollars currently on my account

9.43- Meal plan dollars left on tech's senoir distance runner C. bones Barlow meal plan

1.8- gallons of premium fresh brewed home beer created this school year

7.5- average age in months past the expiration date of all ingredients used to create premium fresh brewed beer

2.6- Fluid ounces of premium fresh brewed beer consumed

3- pairs of shoes stolen off front porch by some crazy drunk

2- half pairs of shoes recovered from shoe stealing incident (aka two left shoes found)

0- dislocated shoulder since Aug.

I need to open up my mind to think of some others but they will come.

word of the day: asps

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  1. some more fun facts:

    11- bikes owned by residents of apartment A

    5:1 - ratio of tvs in apartment B vs apartment A

    4/5 - number of denstists who recomend sugarless gum

    93 - number of hamburgers grilled so far this year