November 29, 2006

Good day/test 11-27-06

The day in reverse order.

Wrote blog

Watched second episode of Dexter

Natalie begged me on hands and knees to publish another blog. At a moment of weakness I decided to do so.

Ate large quanities of fried, high trans fat, boneless, chemically raised, farm fed chicken from the information session I attended. Also got a free sweatshirt

This is where my day got jovial (yes i did look that word up). I went hiking at Kelly's Knob and met an appalachian trail thur-hiker. His trail name was Super Dave. I dont know why he was given that name seeing as he possed no rare physical qualities besides the gorgeous, thick red beard used to scare off bear and sphinx. But you have to give the guy credit for his accomplishment and willingness to leave the comforts of a stable job and home to chase a dream. Super Dave has been hiking since June 1st and this trip was the first time he ever hiked so naturally he overcame aches and pains to conquer the grueling 2175 mile footpath covering the same land that the indians and dinosaurs did. Dave worked at a bank in his old life before the trail opened up a new, more worthwhile life as a secluded appalachian trail hiker. He told me he would never go back to working at that bank. Instead, his rebirth inspired him to find a rewarding job that he will be passionate about. Perhaps he is looking for a job that doesnt suck the life out of you. A job that isnt mundane and boring where you dont have to put on a smiling face right before you walk in the door just so your colleagues think you enjoy your job. Anyway, it was good talk i had with Super Dave and many words that were spoken on that mountain today will be taken to our graves for those words are only for the trail to hear. OOOOOh if that trail could talk.

I had an interview with this company in the morning. Luckily for some reason I was on. They liked me. I geuss you just have to swear at the begining of the interview to grab their attention.

In the morning i did monster walks

I woke up

i rolled around in bed for hours in pain and agony.

Dreamed of climbing a tennis court fence and stealing barrels of oil.

Thats one GOOd Day

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