June 12, 2007

Last Night....I couldn't even get an answer

Just wanted to say a few things real quick:

1. I am pleased to see so many great blogs

2. Sorry for the lack of updates

3. Sorry for the lack of pictures

4. Excuses-I dont have the internet because apparently you have to drive to the cable company, take a course in installing cable modems, pass a few exams, buy the equipment, apply for a job, pay for their services then do the whole thing yourself. So basically my internet is slow because i have to sit on my roof and steal it.

5. You may think I have nothing else to do but I do. I have plenty to keep me occupied. Here in Bagdad there is a lot of nothing and nothing to do. That means asljkdflkadsjfl.

6. Some people's kids these days

7. I talked to tetseo the other night while he was at nationals. I heard good things about everyone. So good job to all those who raced.

Thought of the day: You know that saying if a tree falls in the woods blab sdblasdf.af. da da. Well if I dont shower for 9 consecutive days and no one tells me that i smell, do i actually smell.

Cool idea of the day: if you are travelling or camping for an extended period of time with no shower facilities use a self carwash to take a shower. This strategy should only be employed when you have a partner(s) to spray and scrub you. It would be difficult to use the long handled power washer to get those hard to reach places: back, thorax, ears, throat, hips, thighs, core, and left elbow. This tip was brought to you by the 3 girls i met at the grand canyon.
Other travelling tip: This is just theft but try it anyway wake up early, pack up the tent and go to a holiday inn or some other hotel chain which offers a free continental breakfast. Have breakfast, take some food for the road, and head on out. Oh dont forget to fill your cooler up with ice from the hotel ice machine. Furthermore, use the hotel swimming pool for a free shower. If your're lucky the pool area may actually have shower facilities. Personally, I would rather be dirty than to have the itchy feeling of chlorine on my body. But everyone is different. For those of you who have no dignity: talk to the front desk about area attractions and for some extra shampoo, soap, shaving cream, or maybe even a toothbrush. This casual conversation not only gives you information and free shampoo but it makes you appear to be an actual paying customer. After all, what kind of sick person would actually take the time to scout out area hotels, walk in off the street, and proceed to essentially steal a breakfast and other supplies. Furthermore, what kind of selfish person would do this when his/her company is paying for it. Man, some people's kids these days.

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  1. hey man, i'm lovin' the blog. keep the good stories and great travel advice coming.