June 4, 2007

Some Catching Up to Do

Since May 24th I have not had access to a computer. I would have liked to update this blog sooner, but I couldn’t. I will now catch you up quickly. I was out there for a long time. I covered about 3000 miles by car and saw sights that only few (millions) will ever see. Great trip. I can't wait to do it again. Here you go

Thursday, May 24th:

  • Drive to Colby, KS from Pittsburgh (about 1200 miles)
  • Sleep 3 hours at rest stop
  • Begin driving toward Denver

Friday, May 25th:

  • Stuck in traffic going towards Denver so I head for Boulder
  • Stop at UC Boulder and run around campus
  • Drive to Rocky Mountain National Park and stay at Timber Creek
  • Make dinner and go to bed at like 7pm

Saturday, May 26th:

  • Wake up refreshed and rejuvenated at about 5:30am
  • Lulu City hike: I see a mountain lion and bighorn sheep
  • Return to camp and relax: Watch elk and moose
  • Go to bed at like 9pm

Sunday, May 27th:

  • Wake up early and do big meadows hike-pleasant
  • Depart Colorado for Moab, UT
  • Arrive at Arches National Park in Moab at about 4:00
  • Hang out in Arches until night fall
  • Camp along Colorado Riverway Recreation Area

Monday, May 28th:

  • Wake up, run, get breakfast
  • Start winding drive towards Capitol Reef and Bryce Canyon
  • Do some swimming aka bathing at Capitol Reef in a stream
  • Arrive at Bryce and do some hiking
  • Drive to Zion and set up camp for the night

Tuesday, May 29th:

  • Run and have nice breakfast
  • Do nice hike in the Narrows- Long (20), wet hike through a slot canyon
  • This took all day so I came back exhausted
  • Found sketchy place to camp and went sleep

Wednesday, May 30th:

  • Drove to North Rim of the Grand Canyon Met some girls doing a similar road trip and hung out with them
  • Watched sunset on Cape royal with a group of people
  • Went to sleep in park campground illegally

Thursday, May 31st:

  • Woke up and ran down into canyon
  • Met rim to rim hiker
  • Left G canyon for flagstaff, Sedona, and Prescott
  • Stopped in flagstaff at Northern Arizona University
  • Took a quick shower in their aquatic center
  • Stopped in Sedona and checked out the redrocks
  • Got impatient so drove to bagdad and camped out

Friday, June 1st:

  • Arrive in bagdad and check in to house for the summer
  • Move in and rest up
  • Run at night on desert road

Saturday, June 2nd:

  • Do absolutely nothing and hang out
  • Pretty boring here
I know this is just a basic outline of my trip. There are several stories that I will tell sometime but the best ones cannot be told, only seen. I saw some cool sites that a photograph just can't capture and words just can't describe. My advice is to take your own trips into the unknown and just enjoy it.

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  1. what have you been up too, and what happened to the post you had yesterday?