January 14, 2009

Backyard Adventure: Upper Burro Creek Wilderness

Here are some pics of my adventure to Burro Creek Wilderness the week before the Marathon. I geuss there was something in that water that rejuvenated my legs and put my mind at ease prior to the grueling footrace. PS I'm sorry for double posting today but I dont have the internet so when I do I go big.

A scenic view of the ranchland.

Twisty, turny road into the canyon.

The big canyon. Not Grand, just big.

How the landscape changes. Gorgeous.

Me going for a soak in the Fr-Fr-Frigid water. Keep in mind this was December.

Racing the Antelope. First time I ever saw an antelope.

1st time I saw 8 antelope.

2nd time I saw 8 antelope.

Only in Bagdad: Most Reeediculous Gaas Prices Ever. Geuss what kind i got?


  1. I think I'd run a million miles a day if I had that scenery!

  2. La Corredora- Theres snakes and scorpions and gila monsters and its hot and dry and not green. Ok, its actually really beautiful once you learn to appreciate it. I do miss my green muddy shaded single track though.
    Oh by the way a million miles is a lot, it may even be some kind of record. You would only have to average upwards of 41000 miles per hour

  3. Nice pictures, u should seriously post more often. Has anyone ever said this about you?:

    Spanish V

  4. Arthur: Thanks. NO, no one has said that baout me. I really appreciate your input. Haha. I like the picture comparison. It's pretty close. Take Care