January 28, 2009

Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Expedition

Here are my pics from the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness camping trip last weekend. My plan was to hike up the canyon from the southernmost point to the start of the canyon at the north end and then hike back. That plan changed drastically as I underestimated the flow of this supposedly tiny creek. Fortunately, my alternative plan offered a different look at the canyon, a glimpse into the the past. I obliviously wandered into ancient artifacts and cliff dwellings. A guy and his dog, the only person I saw all weekend, directed me to these local treasures. He maintained that native americans controlled this rugged area and stashed supplies in the hard to reach cliff dwellings. It was really cool, especially since I read nothing about this on the internet and saw zero signs directing hikers to these wonders. I geuss the 41 mile, 2 hour plus drive on 4x4 only dirt road was worth it. Here are 13 lovely photos.

1. The view from trailhead 1. Do you notice anything that may cause some issues for a hiker without a boat?

2. Where's Tom Sawyer when you need him?
3. Exhibit A: Raging waters. I'm sorry, I forgot my wetsuit. I got to this point after walking through a much smaller tributary. The chilly water instantly sent numbing pain up my legs.
Vid: Shoot

4. The view from trailhead 2, approximately 5 miles as the crow flies from trailhead 1. It only took a half a day to get here. Can you spot my truck? (Side Note: I spent the better part of a day, on two seperate attempts, trying to get to the top of that cliff/mountain. The dog guy told me there was a massive cliff dwelling up there with 6 rooms and perfect stucco walls. I never did manage to get up there and find it but I will attempt it again sometime.) 5. Another view from trailhead dos. Now can you see the truck? 6. Cliff Dwelling 7. Cliff Dwelling Closer 8. Pretty Dope view from cliff dwelling 9. Did I get taller? 10. Another dope view from cliff dwelling 11. Right after sunset 12. Random dope view 13. Me realizing I placed the camera too high and jumping to get in the shot. Great Pic. Great Trip. Great...


  1. Wow...those pictures are awesome. How did you not get lost? And how did you survive after crossing that "creek"??

  2. I didnt really explain what happened: I walked up and down the stream looking for a crossing but did not find one. So I had to turn back and drive for a few hours on dirt road to get to the other side of the wilderness area. Thats where I accidently stumbled upon the cliff dwellings so it turned out to be a nice suprise. Im glad I couldnt cross that water because I found a pretty cool place.

  3. "...turn back and drive for a few hours"???? You're dedicated!