February 3, 2009


Bored-Hiking? What is it?
It’s pretty simple: Hiking with a board over rugged terrain. You grab a board, preferably a 2”x8”x8’, and start walking across the natural land, no trails allowed. Might sound easy but it’s not. It requires a great deal of stamina, balance, and core strength. Bored-Hiking is a total body exercise that is posed become the next mainstream workout fad.

How it came to be?
I am a runner by trade but I have been sidelined due to injured. I don’t know what to do with the excess energy and time I have from not running. Last week I decided to go on a hike at nearby Coors Lake and burn off some of those dormant calories in my tummy. My original plan was to hike to the top of Lawler Peak and watch the sunset. I soon realized that I had hardly enough daylight to reach the summit so I decided to do an off-trail hike around the rugged lake shore.

The hike started off with me blazing my own trail over large granite boulders and prickly pear cactus around the east shore of the lake on foothills of Lawler Peak. After 20 minutes of leisurely hiking, I came upon an old, decrepit piece of lumber measuring 2”x8”x9’. I decided that I could use that piece of wood to construct a frame for my garden: see 2009 Goals. I hoisted the massive piece of timber up onto my shoulder and continued walking.

Several minutes of walking with the BOARD proved to be exhausting. I started sweating and breathing heavily as I carried the board up and over rock obstacles. I was on to something here. This was a great workout. I was physically challenging myself without putting heavy strain on my injured leg.

As the hike went on, I began doing push presses with the board while walking to replace my daily weight lifting routine at the gym. Later, I would use the board to cross a small channel of water by spanning the gap with the board and walking across it. Then, I used the board to span the distance between two distant boulders. “This is kind of fun,” I thought.

I continued carrying the board for about 1 hour until I arrived back at the truck. At this point I was beat. I decided that I would try it again in the near future so I stashed the board behind some scrubs. I don’t know why I stashed it because it has absolutely zero value. No one would steal a rotten piece of wood. Well, no one except me.

So that’s the story of Bored-Hiking. I was bored so I went hiking. While I was hiking I found a board. I picked up the board and went hiking with it. I integrated the board into the hike by using it to span obstacles or lifting it to simulate weight training. There you have it: Bored-Hiking. (More like Bored-Writer)

Sounds Cool, How do I get started?
It’s really simple. Find a cool location with many obstacles, grab a board, and start walking.

Essential Gear
A board- Awkward is better. Bigger is better. Older is better. Plywood is not better. Preferably a board you can integrate into the hike like a 2x6 or 2x8. The heavier the board, the harder the workout.

Lightweight gloves- So you don’t get splinters.

Hands free water consumption device with waist strap and sternum strap- You can’t carry a board and a water bottle at the same time if you want to fully optimize the board. I suggest a 70 ounce water bladder.

Digital Camera- So you can document the madness.

Ultra-lightweight, sub-compact notebook computer with SDD hardrive and Linux operating system- So you can instantly upload your pics from the field to your blog and justify your existence to all your friends.

Non-Essential Gear, but Highly Recommended

Extremely lightweight, low profile shoes that simulate barefoot walking or running- Preferably the type of shoe an Imo kid would wear.

UK Expatriate- You are automatically 6X better at Bored-Hiking if you originate from London town.

Fixed gear bicycle- Mainly, I’m looking for the ability to ride backwards on a fixed gear bicycle.

Baggy pants but not so baggy as to limit your dexterity on or with the board-

Tight fitting, goofy tee shirt that makes some kind of alternative lifestyle statement about yourself- A shirt that would likely stir up conversation at the Pub.

Ultra Left Wing Lifestyle-

The will to Win-

Bored-Hiking in Action
Here are pics from my latest Bored-Hiking outing

The Board

The Playground

Let the Games Begin

Incorporating the Board in the Hike

Board Walk

"The only limits, as always, are those of vision"

The Next Generation of Boards


  1. Wow...that is creative. I'm impressed. I think that if I were carrying the board, I would have fallen and killed myself. Glad you're safe.

  2. I'm digging the long hair. you better not cut it before you visit.