February 14, 2009

Right in My Backyard: Lawler Peak

Lawler Peak is the tallest mountain in Bagdad. I am not sure of the elevation nor do I care. All that I know is it is a lot taller than it looks and the reward for conquering this peak is glorious.

Lawler Peak is an agro crag. There are no trails leading to the top. It is a really difficult hike, or should I say climb, for two reasons: steep gradient and thorny overgrowth. I had to throw away the pants I wore on this hike because there were so many prickers from cacti and cat-claw stuck in them (and in my legs). Fortunately, the new gloves I acquired from the mine sampling department held up nicely. The rough granite boulders could cut through my elbows and knees but not these gloves. I was on my hands practically crawling up the mountain. Needless to say I was pretty beat up after the hike. In all my hiking and exploring experience, I have never had such visible reminders of the pain I suffered during a hike.

The view from the top justified the difficult and infuriating hike. The scene epitomizes the high desert Arizona landscape in all directions. The 360 degree view shows workings of a 19th century open pit copper mine, narrow canyons cutting through sparsely vegetated mesas, Saguaro and Prickly Pear covered hills, and distant peaks pushing 8000 feet in elevation. See for yourself.

The road to the top is steep and protected by stabby plant life.

The way up.

A view of Coors Lake and Sander’s Mesa. *Bonus Point if you can see the airport on Sander’s Mesa. **I’ll give you a dollar if you can see the truck (hint: lower left quadrant).

Can you see her now?


Thumbs Up.

Open Pit Copper Mine. Note: The mouth of the pit is over 3km across.


The way down.

“The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.”

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