April 15, 2009

Catch Up Time

I need to catch up on my blogging. I have not posted in quite sometime and to be honest I am not that upset about it. I have just been lazy and don't like to force myself to write. This isn't my job and I do have other hobbies besides writing to an audience that may or may not appreciate my work. So I am not sorry for not posting but I will "try" to post more frequently. With blogging, like anything else, you have good days and bad days or good months and bad months or good years and bad years (if you are having bad years you may want to re-evaluate your situation). I think in all things you do there will be times where you don't want to be there or do it or care. You just gotta to keep showing up when things get hard. Some days, most days, I don't especially want to go to work or run or be nice but I just keep showing up. Just walk through the door day after day and the difficult times will pass by.

My Past Few Weekends

Camping, Spring Break USA, City of Angels, Valley of The Sun, Pistol Shooting Match, Emerald City I think.

Wabayuma Peak Wilderness

I finally had my chance to visit this lesser known wilderness Area. This Wilderness area is about 45 minutes south of Kingman Arizona. Recent estimates geuss Wabayuma Peak Wilderness sees 200 visitors per year. The fewer people who know about it, the better. After a few hours of driving on rough jeep roads, a boulder (pic 7 below) in the road left me no where to go. I had to maneuver my truck 180 degrees on a single lane dirt road and head back down the Peak. Stupid boulder. Here Are my Pics:


Old Mine Workings

My New Car

Mine Tailings and View of Valley

Man, I really wanted to cool off

Baby Joshua Tree

Boulder that made me turn around

Lake Havasu City- Spring Break

I was here a little early for spring break but I did see some stupid people dancing on their boats blaring obnoxiously loud music. The London Bridge is located here oddly enough. Check out the pics below

View of the Lake

London Bridges

Epic View of Bridge


I went out to LA for my brothers birthday. Don't have many pics. Just a pretty typical weekend in the city. Watched a lot of tournament march madness.


Just went down to the big city for a one night. Watched a movie. It was that one with John Cena. I don't remember what it was called nor do I care.

Pistol Shooting Match

I went down to a small town outside of Prescott to watch my co-worker shoot in this pistol match. It was quite entertaining and and opened my eyes up to the underground world of competitive shooting. It is scary what these people can do with guns. Speed and accuracy was extraordinary.


I went to visit some friends up in Seattle. My main impression of the city is that it is pretty far left. They recycle, HUH. It was good to see my friends and hang out. It reminded me of the old college days. Crazier times back then ey. I didn't take any pics but this guy might some:



  1. I really wish you'd blog more often and we're all gonna stop reading if you don't post more stuff about running. Joke. Nice pics! Any upcoming races?

  2. Patience young chica. A post is coming on upcoming races. Good luck at boston by the way. It should be fun.

  3. I like the lake! Go swimming in it? The pictures of the wilderness makes me want to come visit sometime, not that I didn't before. Hope everything's going great!