April 16, 2009

Upcoming Races

I have been battling IT band problems for the past few months. It has been frustrating but I am ready to move on. I signed up and paid for a few races last week even though my IT band is still bothering me a little bit. I figure that if I sign up and pay for races it will motivate me to get healthy and train harder. I decided to go a different route for the next few months. I am going to test myself on some high altitude trail courses including the Salomon Flagstaff Mountain Trail Series. Summers can get hot here so it will be a good opportunity for me to get to the mountains and escape the heat for a weekend. Additionally, the softer racing surface should reduce the chance of my IT flaring up again. I may get back on the roads later this year and go after a marathon PR.

Race for the Creeks 7 Miler, June 6, Prescott AZ
-May run this just for a tune up
-Seems like more of a "charity" run

Gaspin in the Aspen 15K, June 20, Flagstaff, AZ
-Race 1 of 3 of Salomon Mountain Trail series
-Already paid for this one
-Looks pretty competitive as most races are in this trail series

Pikes Peak Ascent 13.32 mi, Aug. 15, Manitou Springs, CO
-I applied for a competitive entry (aka free) so I am not sure I will get in
-Just like it sounds: A footrace to the top of Pikes Peak. The 1st half of the Pikes Peak Marathon.
-Nearly 8000' of elevation gain climbing to an altitude above 14,000'
-I think I will die but if I get in I am willing to try it.

Jerome Hill Climb 4.7 mi , Sept. 6th, Jerome, AZ
- I ran this event last year and won.
- Jerome is a neat old mining town with little hippie shops and artsy people.
- They had a cooler of free beer at the top. Nice

Flagstaff 1/2 Marathon, Sept. 26, Flagstaff, AZ
-Race 2 of 3 of Salomon Mountain Trail Series
-Already Paid
-Said to be toughest marathon course in southwest
- 8000+ feet altitude
- 1100 feet elevation gain

Soulstice Mountain 11.25 mi Trail Run, Oct. 11, Flagstaff, AZ
-Race 3 of 3 of Salomon Mountain Trail Series
-Already Paid
-8000+ feet altitude
-Very Popular Race apparently- Sold out in 2 days

November or December Marathon: Options listed Below

New York
San Antonio
Marine Corps
Las Vegas

We'll see what happens. I'm excited to feel the pain that cross country racing typically brings to my body.

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