June 6, 2009

Mogollon Rim: Mem. Day Wkend

I took a trip to the infamous Mogollon Rim in central Arizona over the long weekend. Situated a few miles north of Payson, the ”Rim” extends 200 miles to the east creating a remarkable geologic wonder. I don’t know the geology or geomorphology of how the Rim formed, nor do I feel like researching it on wikipedia, rephasing it in this blog, and passing it on as my own brillance. But this area of Arizona would make you unsure that you were actually in Arizona. I felt like I was back east in Allegheny National Forest running up to the firetower in Cook’s Forest State Park. It was quite the green experience (not the forward-thinking, hip lifestyle but the actual color). I will definitely be back here soon.

Me sitting in the green, moist forest

Me playing in the green, moist forest

A picture (why say “a picture of” when its obiviously a picture) of the Arizona Trail just below the “Rim”

A railroad tunnel from long ago that workers abandoned 100 feet in. On a personal note, I’m not a railroad designer but this terrain is not ideal for a railroad.

A view from inside the tunnel looking out. Notice the shear cliff. Not ideal for a Railroad. I can picture workers with picks and shovels working 16 hours a day pouring their sweat into this project until they realized they would have to build a bridge as well. Umm what do we do about this big cliff here? Ahhh budah dum I’m going home

A view from all the way inside the tunnel

Some ruins right next to the tunnel or should I call it a hole in the mountain because the word tunnel implies that the underground excavation actually connects two points

Water, non potable, heavy mercury content

Great view. Note that the “tunnel” is about 100 feet to my left. Not suitable terrain for railroad building.

Bike, really long tree

Hiking into Chevelon Canyon

Chevelon Canyon

Chevelon Creek at the bottom of Chevelon Canyon

More views from bottom of Chevelon Canyon

More Views from bottom of Chevelon Canyon. I was impressed with Chevelon Canyon. I will be back in the fall when the fishing is “5-6 times better” according to this old guy. He also claimed he saw 4 black timber rattlers, a bear ravaged his group’s camp the night before, and saw a herd of 6 elk. Sadly, I believe it all. There were bear and elk dropping everywhere and it was sunny enough for the snakes to be out. This guy carried a huge gut over this rugged terrain. I was impressed.

Standing in Chevelon Canyon

This peak beckons me. I was going to run it that afternoon but I was lazy. I will be back for it.


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