June 13, 2009

Run for the Creeks Race Report 2009

The Result

Last weekend I participated in the Race for the Creeks 7 miler in Prescott, AZ. I averaged a blistering 4:47 per mile over the windy dirt course. Ok, fine... The course was short, way short. One guy with a fancy Garmin GPS watch said the course was approximately ~6.1 miles. I ended up winning the race with a finishing time of 33:31 (or about 5:30 per mile). I was rather pleased with the day. I got a good workout in and to my surprise ended up taking home a $50 gift certificate.

The Course

The course was narrow, windy and, in my opinion, pretty flat. Some racers noted the "hill" about 1/2 mile from the finish so you could argue that this course was rolling. The running surface was smooth and consisted of dirt and fine pebbles. The scenery was great around Willow Lake. I warmed up and cooled down on the slick rock trails which displayed some cool rock formations.

The Race

I pretty much ran alone from start to finish. One guy talked with me for the first mile or so but then he kinda let off the gas. The other racers were very supportive as I passed by them on my way back after the turnaround point. It was fun to get back out there and race again. The pre-race anxiety and the post race elation made me feel alive for the first time since my last foot race.

The Post Race

The post race refreshments were quite good for a small race. They had all the basics plus some deli sandwiches. Yummy.

What's Next

Next Saturday 6/20: Gaspin in the Aspen 15k in Flagstaff, AZ

I'm scared.

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