December 13, 2009

It's baking season

I have not turned on the heat yet. I know I live in Arizona but still it gets cold. The temperature inside my apartment hovers between 50 and 53 degrees from the time I get home to the time I go to bed. I wake up to temperatures in the upper 40's. Last year the, lowest reading was 44 degrees. The pipes won’t freeze, will they?

So in an effort to cope with these chilly temperatures, I have been baking. After one hour of baking at 350, the temperature climbs 2 or 3 degrees to somewhere around 54. This is entirely manageable, especially after a long shower. By the time the quick high from the shower wears off it is time for bed. I crawl into my mummy bag, light a candle for the warm aura it gives off, and read for a little bit before falling asleep. I make sure to keep a pair of sandals next to the bed for late night bathroom breaks. The cold tile floor can suck the warmth right out of you without proper insulation.

Back to baking. I typically bake 1 big meal per week, 1 small snack, and 1 or 2 deserts. For example, last week:

1 Big Meal- Spinach and cheese stuffed shells (I was eating this for 3 days lunch/dinner)

1 Small Snack- Thinly sliced sweet potatoes w/ some oil and salt (very good, only lasted a few minutes)

Desert 1: Pumpkin Cookies (I bought 4 big cans of pumpkin on sale)

Desert 2: Pumpkin Bread (I know I know that is why I run everyday)

So there you have it. Turn the oven on because it heats you twice, once while baking and once while eating.

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  1. hey zummo
    interesting stuff-the pipes should not freeze at 44 degrees..keep up the cooking--do you need some cooking ideas ?
    see you later
    love dad