February 3, 2010

Pen Lady

Last week I was resupplying at Walmart.  I stumbled into the office supplies isle. It was there that I saw a woman who looked dumbfounded. Clearly, she had been standing in front of this wall of pens for quite awhile. I was gawking at her trying to understand what she was thinking. Suddenly, she turned toward me. I tried to glance away but she caught me. She looks at me then back at the pens then back at me to pens to me to pens and sighs, " You borrow someone’s pen and think 'this is the greatest pen ever, I need to buy some' and then you get to the store and you can never find it..." Instinctively, I just smiled and concurred and quickly went on with my business. But she was absolutely right. That feeling of trying something new for the first time is exhilarating. It happens all the time with everything, not just pens. I remember riding a friends bike to class and thinking to myself, “This bike runs so smooth. Why doesn’t my bike feel this good?” Then after a week of riding that new, smooth feeling is gone and you notice all the imperfections. Another instance of this phenomenon is when you go to a friend’s house for dinner and try this great tasting Thai chicken stir fry. So you get the recipe make it yourself like 50 times in the next week. It becomes just like your own cooking and you quickly forget how it tasted the first time. So my advice to that lady buying new pens is don’t buy new pens because after 2 weeks the pen will lose that good feel.

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