February 5, 2010

Races I Ran in 2009

Race for the Creeks, Prescott, 6.1 mi
Gaspin in the Aspen, Flagstaff, 15k
Pikes Peak Ascent, Manitou Springs, 13.1 mi
Jerome Hill Climb, Jerome, 4.5 mi
Flagstaff Marathon, Flagstaff, 13 mi
Soulstice, Flagstaff, ???????

Man, those were some good ones. Pikes was by far the most well
organized event and most memorable. How do u describe running
alongside 1000 people to the top of the world? You can't. The
soulstice is a cool event that any flagstaff trail runner must do.
Jerome is a classic that I have ran twice. The town is sweet. The
other two flagstaff races are beautiful and well worth running. The
Race for the Creeks was of the smaller variety but it will grow as
2009 was the first run.

Bring on 2010 baby.

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