February 6, 2010

Friday Fun Running

I had such a lovely run today after a busy work week. It was a good
busy though, the kind of busy that made me feel like I was actually
earning the paycheck. It is satisfying to give your best effort.

The run I did today was a standard after work jaunt from the
apartment; up to radio tower and back, along the dirt road (bypass)
that sits at the foot of airport mesa, up the mesa to the airport
fence, to Bruce Mine rd and back through the neighborhood to the

The thing that I like about running is that even though I have run
this course countless times in the past year and a half, no two runs
have ever been the same. I notice different rocks outcropping from
the hillside, I see javelina or snakes or deer or cattle, and the
unique feeling before, during and after each run.

I felt like I was running on clouds today. Mind my was finally clear
and looking forward to a good weekend. Thirty minutes into the run
the sun began to set. The sky looked hand painted as streaks of
orange-pink-purple-red decorated a clear blue canvas. It was one of
those fortunate times times where I was truly trapped in the now and
aware of such a moment.

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