February 7, 2010

Running 30 Miles

Today, I ran 30 miles: 15 miles out from my apartment toward Campwood
and 15 miles back. I covered the distance in 3:33 averaging 7:10 to
7:15 per mile. I consider that a solid workout and I was quite

Running for this length of time exposes areas in your legs and mind
that are weak. My hips (IT band), feet, and lower midsection (abs and
back) are my trouble areas. I pretty much had to limp through the
last 5 miles because of sharp pain shooting through all parts of my
legs. Other than this acute pain, I felt pretty good muscularly,
areobically, and nutritionally.

I carried two 22 oz hand bottles- one filled with a dilute
gatorade/protein powder mix and the other filled with water. I
stashed a third bottle with another 20 or so ounces at mile 4 to
refill with on the way back. I consumed three gels. I had a fourth
gel with me and I could have used it with 5 miles to go but I decided
it wouldn't really matter at that point so I saved it for another day.

Why run 30 miles? During a dull, rainy day in December, I put my
name on the wait list for the Old Pueblo 50 mile endurance run on
March 6th in the Santa Rita Mtns of southern Arizona. I got an email
in January saying I am in. I accepted.

The prospect of running 50 miles in one shot is a scary one. I know I
can do it and finish the race but at what cost? It will hurt really
bad and with my history of IT band problems, I may never walk without
a limp again, haha. Also, so many things can go wrong: nutrition,
blisters, twisted ankles, heat, and loss of focus over the 8 hours of
running. However, I welcome the challenge and I'm curious to see if
the hoopla sorrounding ultramarathoning is justified.


  1. My only comment is be careful and be safe (i guess that's actually 2 comments) Mom