February 10, 2010

Random thoughts

Ipads ipads ipads

You don't really have to know anything about them, you just have to
mention them in any conversation involving technology and every one
will instantly look upon you as a guru. That's what I do. I say
something like: the ipad looks cool but come on it doesn't even have a
camera. That is pretty much all I know about but everyone thinks I am
really technologically inclined. Ipads ipads ipads. An impractical
device overly marketed by Apple to genrate hype and divert attention
away from their rivals. Ipads ipads ipads.

Barefoot running is a real hot topic now especially after reading
Christopher Mcdougals book "Born to Run." I read the book and liked
it a lot mainly because it touches on the primal joys of running. The
other main thesis is pretty much shoes are the cause for all injury
and that humans were made to go barefoot. My take is that he is right:
Humans were designed to go without shoes but to imply that you will
eventually be a great runner if you simply ditch the shoes is
misleading. I think most people could benefit from supplemental
barefoot training but few could make the transition to total barefoot
running. We have been wearing shoes way too long. I typically do 15
minutes or more BF running at the end of a training run about 3 times
per week. I believe this helps eliminate fatigue of the foot during
trail races where the foot is often twisted and turned.

Not blogging everyday. Obviously I have not been posting a blog
everyday. I have to use my phone to write and post so it is just too
time consuming. I have benn trying to write a post on the computer in
hopes I will someday post it on the weekend when I can get a

Tyypically I connect to the internet at the prescott library.
Libraries are great. Everything is free. I just found out I can
download pretty much any magazine on the library webpage with my
library card. No need for subscriptions anymore I geuss. Last time I
was there I downloaded an issue of Backpacker magazine dedicated to
alaska. I might go there this summer so that is a great find.

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