August 10, 2011


While most people will recognize Mountain Lake for Patrick Swayze and Dirty Dancing, I will remember it for the sparse, yet cherished running memories it provided.  Tucked away and perched at over 4000 feet in Virginia's Appalachian Mountains, the Mountain Lake mystique continually beckoned teammates and myself to run to the top from campus.  Less than a week after I had my diploma in hand, Andrew and I made the dream a reality.

I'm pretty certain nobody in Australia drinks Fosters, but Andrew and I (and Natalie + Liz) did over 3 years ago on the summit of Bald Knob to celebrate the Mountain Lake run from campus.  I found this old can a few weeks ago as I was packing up my apartment on Copper Dr. in Arizona.  I couldn't help but reminisce about the run and other runs in the area (rock-paper-scissors to determine which direction to go after getting lost).

So flash forward to today.  Today, I will get on a plane and then a few more for 30 hours and land in Australia where I will start a new adventure.

Good Day.

Good article on some Flagstaff runners I know and raced against.  Mike and Jeff are good dudes and both offered me to put me up for a night in Flag if I ever needed it.  I love Flagstaff and will miss bumming around there on weekends.      


  1. Good thing i beat dave in rock paper scissors.

    and i think it is "g'day mate"!

  2. g'luck on the next adventure. I will see you out there. Glad to have you working for the same company again!

  3. Hey Zack,

    So glad to hear you're headed to Australia. We need all the mining engineers we can get. If you're headed Perth way - and it looks like you are - stop in to Little Creatures in Fremantle and try a pint of Pale Ale. Then you'll really be drinking like the locals.

  4. bryan- i am learning the ways.

    steve- interesting place to work and live. camplife was good for the first swing but long working hours.

    sarah- who are you?haha. I am based out of perth. Im here for the next five days and will likely head to fremantle to meet a friend. maybe stop by that place you mentioned. thanks.