August 29, 2011

Goodbye America Tour

I did an epic road trip last month covering over 4100 miles (~6600 kilometres) from Arizona to Pennsylvania through 11 states. It was my last hurrah in the states before moving to Australia and solidified my thinking that the American West is the most remarkable landscape on earth. The thing I will miss most, other than family and friends, is the big snow-capped mountains and the burning lungs and the mountain culture along with deep canyons, abandoned mine workings, and oddball desert folk. Goodbye America.

Rather than write a long story about the journey, I will post my training log during the trip and a link to pictures. It pretty much tells the story.


July 14th: 20 minutes, Bagdad Radio Tower route, LAST DAY IN Bagdad

July 15th: 60 minutes out and back on Poland Rd, Prescott Valley, AZ

July 16th: 20 min run-20 min walk/hike- run down, Had to walk because altitude, steepness, and lack of fitness destroyed me, ran up past Bridal Vail Falls in Telluride, CO, DOPE, need to come back here and do the Via Ferrata if I ever overcome fear of heights, Drove over Imogene Pass Rd later in the day and rekindled old memories of racing the same route a year ago, Lunar Cup grassroots ski race was going on near the Pass which was an unexpected awesome surprise, gave two ladies a ride to the top because their vehicle couldn’t make it over the high clearance section.

July 17th: 3.5 mile F.A.S.T run with James in Denver, FAST= 26 minutes

July 18th: 6 mile hike with pack to Big Sandy Lake, Wind Rivers Wilderness, Wyoming, Awesome scenery, rugged, crazy amount of bugs which nearly ruined the experience for me, Need to come back here in September and traverse the entire range

July 19th: 90 minute mtn bike ride on Maah Haah Dey trail, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota, 2 mile hike to Petrified Forest in TRNP to camp out.

July 20th: 55 minutes on Spurgeon River Trail near Boundary Waters, Superior National Forest, Minnesota

July 21st: 30 minutes in downtown Duluth, MN

July 22nd: 30 minutes while watching Mcvey’s criterium bike race in Milwaulkee, WI

July 23rd: Drive home to Pittsburgh, exhausted but excited about all the changes happening in my life.

-This will be the last of my Bagdaddy Adventures. I am now ready to move on to the Aussie Adventures to begin. I may start a new blog for it.

-Running has been really rough for me. It appears 30 miles per week was too much since I have gotten some kind of shin pain or shin splint. I backed off completely to let it heal and will slowly rebuild.

-I’m in Australia. I have to pinch myself every couple days to remind myself of that.

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