December 27, 2011

Arizona to Australia

Merry Christmas All
I have actually slept in the same place every night during my last 6 days off which gave me some much needed time to catch up on the pictures and videos I took during the last 6-12 months.  I had a pretty good year of travel. I visited USA, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Mexico, and Australia. Not bad.  I decided to quickly put together a little video to share.  Otherwise, the 140 videos and nearly 2 hours of footage I have taken the past several years would remain untouched and unshared on my hard drive.  These videos make me smile and allow me to remember the sights and sounds I have experienced over the years.  I have been over the years.  So enjoy….
Places in the Video (in order of appearance):

Emus- Cape Range National Park, Near Exmouth, Western Australia
Ribbon Falls- Grand Canyon
Nankoweap Ruins- Grand Canyon
The Cirque- Wind Rivers, Wyoming
Delicate Arch- Arches National Park, Utah
Leighton Beach- Fremantle Western Australia
Maah daah hey Trail.  Theodore Roosevelt National Grassland, North Dakota
Forrester Pass, Sequoa National Park, California
Treetop Walk, Walpole, Western Australia
Badwater Basin, Death Valley National Park, California
Mona Lisa, The Louvre, Paris
Pinnacles Desert, Cervantes, Western Australia
Ole Faithful, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Coconino National Forest,  Flagstaff AZ
Havasu Falls, Havasupai, Arizona
Flat Tire, Hackberry Rd, Arizona
Indoor Track Meet, Penn State University
Perth, view from Kings Park, Western Australia
Lunar Cup, Imogen pass (Telluride), Colorado
Off Roading, Swansea ghost town, AZ
Dudes with wooden swords, lake tahoe California
Undisclosed mine site
Big Horn Sheep…Or Mountain Goat, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Va Tech Drill Field, Blacksburg, Virginia
VT vs Miami, Lane Stadium, Blacksburg, Virginia
Imogene passrd, Telluride to Ouray, Colorado
Aboriginal guy, Perth Cultural District, Perth
Christmas Nativity, Forrest Chase Plaz, Perth, Western OZ
The Ball Drop, Times Square New York

Music by Big Eagle – Anywhere the Wind Blows


  1. Wow, that was awesome! Incredible adventures my friend.

  2. You aren't doing too bad yourself...Happy New Year

  3. Great compilation video zach! Truly a life of adventure and so much more to come!

    -love Matt

  4. Just what the doctor ordered before my first overseas excursion! You inspire me, Z. Dubai and India here I come....

  5. awesome adventures