February 6, 2012

It's Monday Again...

I want to do the cape to cape track after hanging out in the Magaret River Region the last 5 days. 

And not the “1 more day to go” Monday. Rather, today is Blue Monday. This evening, I head back to camp for 8 days of work. So the few days I had camping out, being wowed by surfers and kite boarders, meeting new people, hanging out with friends, testing my balance on a stand up paddle board, and roaming a foreign land have now come to an end for the time being. Back to the long, albeit necessary grind I go.  But I am well aware that the numbing routine will leap frog me ahead to Terrific Tuesday before I even start thinking about the nex Six Days.

I’ll jump on the bandwagon here: Sh*t Perth People Say. Really not funny unless you live here but my favourites are:
“I’m thinking of doing a fly in fly out from bali”  "Rotto? You can go to bali for half the price"
“40 dollars for a pub steak…Yea, OK”
“I just paid $14 dollars for a pint of beer”

Here is some more Australian Pop Culture. I do plenty of driving so naturally I listen to the radio a lot. The best station I have found consistently in rural Australia is Triple J. It is is a no commercial, government funded radio station. I still don’t know why or how the government sponsors such a station but I won’t complain. The top 3 songs of 2011 as voted for in Triple J's Hottest 100 as voted for by 1.3 million Australians were the following (I personally like #3.  Intense).  I saw #9 at Southbound:




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