March 6, 2012

My Last Fortnight: Feb 20 to Mar 5

Mon 20 Feb- 
AM: 50 minutes run + 15 minutes barefoot at South Beach.  Wanted to get a hard effort in to “highlight” the problem areas for my Physio Appt.  this arvo. 
PM: Physio Appt.  A lot of things wrong but basically need to take 4-6 weeks off due to a “cortical defect” in the shin and some back issues like joint stress and the standard extra vertebra.  Still not quite sure what is going on but with the body byt will take the time off running. 

Tue 21 Feb  
1st day back at work.  Not feeling it physically today due to work, or maybe mentally due to this long struggle with injury, but somehow managed get out the door- a 20 minute session in the gym.   

Wed 22 Feb
45 minutes cycle, 10 minutes abs

Thu 23 Feb
45 minutes elliptical

Fri 24 Feb
Nothing.  Long day at work, walked a lot at work today. 

Sat 25 Feb
50 minute cycle, 20 minutes core/legs.  Felt like superman today.  Maybe it was the day off.

Sun 26 Feb
50 minutes cycle, 5 minutes core.  Didn’t feel like superman today.

Mon 27 Feb
30 minutes cycle, could feel hip and inner calf/shin.  Got off late and had laundry and packing to do.

Tue 28 Feb
Terrific Tuesday.  Didn’t do anything.  Travel day back to city

Wed 29 Feb
1 Hour bike ride around city. 

Thu 1 Mar
Deep sea fishing.  Seasick all day.  Threw in the towel on doing any physical activity although vomiting  over the side of the ship was quite the abdominal workout.  Can’t complain though- How many people get to go deep sea finishing in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Western Australia?  Topped off the day eating Subway and watching the sunset at City Beach with  Cody and Janna  to celebrate their 2 year Australian anniversary.     

Fri 2 Mar
Mountain bike ride on City bike path network.  Perth CBD (Central Business District) to Scarborough Beach to Cottesloe and back to City center.  I will call it 40 km.  Amazing urban bike paths and neat sculptures on display at Cottesloe beach. 

Sat 3 Mar
EZ 30 minute bike ride with Cody and Emily.  They ran, I just rode the bike.  Cody paced her through a nice 4k tempo in Kings park.  Tough life here- waking up 400 meters from Kings Park and going on a bike ride. 

Sun 4 Mar
Watched Janna do Rockingham Triathlon.  She had a solid performance among the 900 competitors.  I am in Tri Country.  It is obscenely popular here to do triathlons in Australia.  Makes me think about doing a Tri as my first race back.  In the PM, I decided to test my strength in the water at South Beach.  45 minutes of “Swimming” and deep water running.  Still awful at swimming.  Got showered up and ate local at the Manna whole foods store/restaurant before church.  Incredible, cheap place to eat some unique dishes.  I came towards closing time so everything was half price.  I got a huge wrap and salad for 6.50.  I   

Mon 5 Mar
Up early to do a Freo to Perth bike ride via Swan River bike path and Canning Bridge.  Stopped at quality French bakery in city for a slice of banana to recharge.  Rode back to Freo via stirling hwy and Indian ocean bike path.  Jumped in water at South Beach immediately off the bike for 30 minutes of “exercise”.  Very crowded today due to public holiday.  I will call it 55k, 2.5 hours of riding.  Road bike may be a little faster but having fun out there on the 29er.  

In the PM, did 20 minutes of core work back at camp.  Another Six days done.  

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  1. I have never done core workout, only done chest, shoulders, back, biceps workout regularly. 2 days after my core workout, it hurts when i cough or sneeze or get up from laying down. its not bothering me when im not moving or doing stuff that involves ab movement though.