March 22, 2012

My Last Fortnight: Mar 6 to Mar 19

6 Tue- 45 minutes on bike, back to work

7 Wed- tired, no workout

8 Thur- 45 minute spin class

9 Fri- 45 minutes on bike, 20 minutes elliptical

10 Sat- ab blast, 45 minute spin class

11 Sun- ez 20 minutes on elliptical, 20-15-10

12 Mon- 20 minutes in AM on bike and 20-15-10 since I couldn't get back to sleep at 4 am.  Then did it again in the PM.  Did abs with mel.

13 Tue- off.  travel day out of camp.

14 Wed- 2.5 hours bike ride.  I did the Great Ocean Drive by bike in Esperance.  It is advertised as 38 km but I tacked on another 7 km around town.  Spectacular route on the bike and endless beaches.  No cars passed me the entire way which is a testament to how empty it is out here despite the beautiful beach spots. Camped out is my usual Esperance secret spot.

15 Thur- 2 loops on the Esperance mountain bike track good for about 70 minutes of fast riding single track.  Then drove out to Duke of Orleans Bay about 85 km east of Esperance and stayed at the caravan park there.    

16 Fri- Rode my bike from the caravan park to Condrigup Tavern along the dirt on the side of the road.  A total of 40km.  I saw kangaroos and emus everywhere.  I really enjoyed this ride- no cars, wildlife, solitude.  But when i picked my bike off the ground after taking some photos two spokes on the wheel broke.  This really bummed me out since i still had 4 more days of potential riding and exploring here in this wonderful land, and that i just had the bike service, and i came to the realization that there were no 29 inch tire spokes within 700km of where i was.  I geuss its better that the bike broke so i didnt overdue it for the rest of the week.  

17 Sat- A spectacular 7km walk along the coastal trail in Cape Arid National Park as the sun was shining.  Didn't see a single person.  Couldn't really beat this for a morning walk. 

18 Sun- Drove from esperance to stokes national park to Point Ann.  Did some walking around Point Ann.  I loved the views there, especially of the beach and distant mountain peaks.  Sunset was incredible with distant peak shimmering and the rainbow.  Camera battery died.  I another one but seemed to have misplaced it and the charger.  Shoot.  

19 Mon- 30 minute swim at Little Boat Harbour Beach near Bremer Bay.  Really awesome little spot i had all to myself.  I brought out the snorkel for a bike and followed the Little Boat Harbour Snorkel Trail.  It reminded me of my snorkel trip on the Ningaloo reef in Exmouth.  Need to get back there.  Drove back to camp but too tired to do a proper workout.  

I promise, I must, Post some pictures of the trip to the Southern Coast of Western Australia...


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