July 3, 2013

17 of My Favorite Adventure/Travel/Quest/Running "Short" Videos

Here are some of my favorite short adventure style videos from the past few years:

The Road from Karokol.
"Here are the facts: I chose a bike instead of a partner, I chose the road instead of a  basecamp, and that is what made all the difference...  Real adventure is not polished...Its burns brightest on the maps edges but its in all of us..."

Searching for West
As I have gotten older and my skills have gotten better,  I am constantly looking on how to push those skills even further like, How do i kill the bull that can't be killed?  How do I find the bull that hasn't been seen?"  Journey about life and hunting the un-huntable in Montana.

Alaska Hunting : Moose Caribou Dall Sheep
"I hope the raft is under there."   Lost of one liners on this 6 week solo hunt in Alaska's Brooks Range.  Plane drop him in, Raft out.

Alone in the Wilderness
"It was good being back in the wilderness again where everything seems at peace.  I was alone, just me and the animals.  It was a great feeling, free to plan and do as I please.  Beyond was all around me."  Dick Proenneke heads to Alaska alone to build a cabin in Spring of 1968.

"I refuse to believe joy costs something or that we have to get on a plane to find it."  Guy turns 35.  Guy climbs 35 routes in his "backyard" and filled with emotions from past adventures.  "Money spent living passionately is better than any piece of gear you can buy."

Why Do You Run
This one gets me excited every time I watch it.

European Mountain Running Tour 08'
Rickey Gates has had some cool experiences.  This one he bike touring around Europe, running mountain races, and sleeping is city parks (i'm assuming).

I like the concept that adventure is just outside the front door, even in if you live a big city.

Alaska Four-Range
Andrew Skurka's 700 mile backpacking trip in Alaska's Four Range.  I just like the part when he is packrafting and a whale pops up next to him.

An Expedition Across Iceland
Alaister Humphrey's packraft and hike across Iceland.

I Believe I can Fly ( flight of the frenchies). Trailer
Seb Montaz is making some really cool high mountain advenure films.

"Home" by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros -- A trip around the world, packrafting w/Peggy

Kilian's Quest S4 E08 - Keeping the passion alive

Danny Mckiskill way back home

CDT - Rudy Guenaire

Lost Coast Fat Bike and Packraft: Pedal, Paddle, and Push

Of Course, My video:
Arizona to Australia

So many videos out there...
Tell me if I am missing something...

should mention any video by this guy: http://thewolpertinger.com

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