July 2, 2013

The Adventure on the Other Side of a One Way Ticket

Oh how I love the one way ticket.

I left my hometown Pittsburgh PA with a one way ticket to Perth Australia in 2011.  I was told from a childhood friend that Perth is the furthest international airport from home in the world.  It doesn't get any bigger than that.  I had a teary goodbye with my parents at the airport knowing I would probably only see them once a year for the next few years.  The tears quickly went away to laughter when the TSA agent yelled out as I walking through the metal detector, “That woman has a video camera”  I looked back and there was my mom filming me through security.  That instantly lightened the mood for me and made everything ok.  I was ready to start an adventure of a lifetime. 

A one way to ticket to somewhere is absolutely exhilarating.  I have felt the one way ticket sort of excitement a few times in my life:
  • When I stuck out my thumb to hitch to the start of the John Muir trail with nothing but 10 days of food on my back and 225 miles of trail to cover. 
  • Standing at the Rim of Grand Canyon with 7 days and 100+ miles ahead of me, ready to plunge down the South Kaibab trail and into the unknown. 
  • Loading up my car or truck with everything I owned to move across the country (interstate is what they call it here in Australia).  I was lucky to do this 3 times.  Virginia Tech to Bagdad Arizona for the summer, Hometown to Bagdad Arizona permanent, and Bagdad Arizona to Hometown before catching my one way ticket to Perth Australia. 
  • At the start and end of every semester at college.  The excitement of seeing friends again and starting a new semester.  the thrill of finishing off your exams and heading home to see friends and Family.  
Most are transition points in life.  Life transitions create one way ticket type emotions.

There was one time I actually took a one way ticket somewhere (other than moving around the world to Australia).  That was from Miami to Washington, DC.  I left Blacksburg Virgnia at midnight with a group of friends in a van to see the Hokies play in the Orange Bowl in Miami.  It was a 17 hour sleep deprived car ride followed by two days in Miami, followed by a one way ticket to DC for a wedding.  That was an adventure. 

The one way ticket is synonymous with adventure.  One can only hope there are several more one way tickets experiences ahead.  

Oh how I love the one way ticket. 

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