July 1, 2013

Tasmania Photo Essay

I found a cheap flight to Tasmania in early Feb. 2013.  So I packed my hiking backpack with a tent and sleeping bag, boarded the plane, woke up in Tassie, rented a car for 5 days, and off I went to explore the island.

I didn't even know Tasmania was a real place until I moved to Australia.  My parents and their friends didn't either.  I bet most people wouldn't know Tasmania is in Australia.  It turns out Tasmania is that island to the south of Australia, Below Sydney and Melbourne, not to be mistaken with New Zealand which is in that generally direction.

When I landed in Hobart, I was Actually closer to Antarctica than Perth.  I find odd geographical facts like that amusing living on this side of the world and in the Southern Hemisphere.  I know North America all too well so every time i look at a map of Oceania and Southeast Asia I find something new.  It's awesome.

Tasmania is my favorite place I have been in Australia.  But I have a bias towards mountains, eccentric people, and open spaces.  See for yourself.

Gear for the week loaded in my trusty Osprey Hiking Backpack.  Been using it for nearly a decade on  John Muir trail and Grand Canyon and everything in between. 

Rental car.  Roaring and Ready to explore the possibilities

Coal Mines World Heritage site.  Tasmania was originally and convict colony.  This place was so peaceful and beautiful, I couldn't picture it being a place of atrocious crime and punishment.  I felt the same way at Alcatraz.

My climbing neighbors for the night from Ontario.  They were climbing cliffs above Shipsterns Bluff.  I was jealous of their 3 month van adventure of Tassie.  

Cape Raoul, Tasman National Park.  The Climber Couple was working this cliff face.

Big vertebra used a stool around the campfire. 

Trail Running Tasmania.  Mount Brown.

Post Run Granola Breakfast.

Two Flat Tires?  Seriously?  I about 25km from a paved road.  I had to walk a few km's to a group of horseback riders camping out.  One of them, Sarah gave me a lift 50km into town.  

I returned to the car with a ridiculously over sized spare from Gary the Mechanic.  I cautiously Limped  the car into Town.  Camped out for two days waiting for Tires to Arrive from Hobart.  Slow, Small Town.

The old snail in the hair.  Happens everytime I go for a run.

Atop Mount Maria.  

Mount Maria Summit View.

Post Summit of Mount Maria Recovery. 
Just Walking Around Maria Island.

Maria Island Views

Cool Fence Post

Sunrise.  People pay a lot to wake up to this.  I paid Zero dollars.

Running on the Famous Overland Track.

World Heritage Area Franklin River waterfalls.

Convict Colony Plaques

Camping on this guys yard.  You give him 5 bucks and he lets you camp there.  Sick house adjacent to Tasman National Park.  He didn't even want the money but the 5 dollars keeps just enough people out.  The owner lived in a Tent near here for 9 months while he built the house. 

Rugged coastline.

View from Mount Brown.

Starting a Trail run to the top of Mount Maria.
WineGlass Bay at sunset (or after sunset.)
First thing you see when you get off at Maria Island.

Lame seal.

Hobart- Capital of Tasmania
On the boat to Maria Island for the day while waiting for Tire Shipment to come in.  Cold with the  Roaring 40's wind blowing hard.

Running out of ideas and getting tired at the end of my swing here.  I have plenty of pictures to post but what should I write about next?

Watched some Australians playing basketball today.  Funny Stuff.


  1. Beautiful...I hope to make it to Tasmania someday; my best college friend recently moved there, as she's dating a guy who lives there (she met him in Pakistan!).

  2. Yes, it is really great. You should definately go. It has the reputation of being like the west virginia of the usa- friendly, outdoorsy, and a bit weird. Just had a look at your blog, I am hungry now. and how did they meet in Pakistan?