July 22, 2013

My Last Running Week- July 15th

I am not feeling a lot of creative inspiration right now and I am in a bit of rush.  But I thought I would update my running log online here.  I have been camping out in little blue all week long near Mundaring Weir and the Perth Hills.  So quiet out there and my new go to camp spot around Perth during the days off.    I am picking up steam with regards to running but still feeling some nagging pain in my calf and now the knee is starting to flare up.  I am really enjoying it though.  I have been feeling like a blind person seeing light for the first time.  It is great to get back onto some trails and cover the cover ground without significant back or hip pain.  So here it is.    

Monday.  50 minute Ethiopian style run through the bush, Got lost, then found my way back to a dirt road by listening to the sound of 793D CAT haul trucks and running towards it.  I found a dirt road I knew and hustled back to camp on it for 15 minutes.  It was pitch black and raining but I survived in time for supper.  Longer than expected but good run.  Knee and calf were aching.

Tuesday.  Off.  Drive to back to Perth.  Good week of work finished.  Almost went out for a hike but it was raining pretty hard and I am soft.  The knee was bothering me so I decided to play it safe just used today as a travel day.

Wednesday. 45 min run in John Forrest National Park.  I love this place.  Went to pool afterwards for some aqua running.  6 dollars for entry, but a warm shower easily justifies it and the primary reason for going in the first place.  

Thursday.  50 min run.  Good run around Mundaring Weir in the morning.  The sun was rising up over the dam.  I don’t really know what a weir is.  On Bibblumun track for some of the run.  Saw Physio.  He did some dry needling in my calf- 12 needles.  Basically like acupuncture needles, then he shifted them around to release the fascia.  It was a good hurt.  Will see him again Monday.  Really cheap with my insurance, a somewhat amusing $6.50.    

Friday.  40 minute run around zigzag trails and Statham’s quarry.  I love this place as well.  Spectacular views for the city and Perth lowlands.  Heaps of trails around this area, all unmarked just how I like it.  30 minutes in the pool and shower.  Knee really bugging me.

Saturday.  Off.  Don’t want to push the knee.  Actually, I was meeting a friend for dinner and didn't have anywhere to shower (pool was closed).  I so didn't want to be too smelly for a night out.  These are the problems one experiences while living out of a car.  #CarDwellerProblems    

Sunday.  40 minutes again around zigzag and Statham’s.  Did 6 quick sprints to the top of the quarry.  Knee seems to have loosened up but still buggy.  Solid pool workout and shower.  People have been complaining about the cold weather here but I have been outside swimming nearly every day.  Oh, and sleeping outside.  And running in shorts and t-shirt everyday.  Not too bad really.  Best climate I have lived in.

I have not been wearing a watch for at least 6 months.  I have no idea how long these runs were but I did my best guess.  

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