July 21, 2013

The Greatest City on Earth

…Without question.

Have you been to the US- San Fran, LA, New York?


Have you been to Asia- Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore?


Anywhere in Europe?


Anywhere else- Amsterdam, Paris, London?


We continued hiking the 1000 stairs in the Dandenong Range in Southeast Melbourne.

You see Zach, look around you.  We are here in nature listening to birds chirp and admiring the beautiful trees.  And we are right near the city.  If you did this anywhere in the States, there would be a deer hunter rustling around in the bushes trying to shoot you.  Here there is nothing but peace and quiet.

I’m sold.

A lot of people from Melbourne say their city is the best in the world.  It is consistently rated the most liveable city in the world.  Melbourne is a great city with friendly people and located within a few hours of some really beautiful scenery.  But how can you say it is the BEST city in the world?  Especially, having never been anywhere else.

I think the best place to go running is not Colorado or even Arizona, but right outside the back door.  And the best city in the world?  That’s the one you are presently in, wherever that may be.  
Photo: Melbourne Street Art

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