September 18, 2013

30 days to Kinabalu Climbathon

AHH my foot is hurting now.  Why does my foot hurt Christopher McDougal?  Why?

I don't know if my left leg is ever going to be the same, but I have been training through it.  I still have an achy calf/shin, inner hip/groin, and occasional back pain all on the left side.  It hasn’t got any worse and I know nothing is broken or snapped because Dr. Doss has been over me numerous times with his magic wand (ultrasound).  Maybe it has something to do with nerve damage?  I assume 4 cm cracks in the largest bone in the body don’t magically heal themselves, even after 3 years.  So I will keep on going.  (Update- The last 6 out of 7 days were good, Yesterday the hip was bothering bad but I worked on it mid run and managed to get 5 good hill repeats in.  Today, the 18th my big toe on the right foot is really hurting.  Took the day off)

I have been have been having a great couple of weeks on the trails.  Mileage is the highest it’s been in 3 years, getting in a lot of hilly runs on my days off, and just enjoyed the spring season here in Southwest Australia with abundant waterfalls and wildflowers.  I still want to head to the Stirling Range but commitments and people in Perth coupled with the fact that I am starting to enjoy the Perth routine are keeping me local.  I don't want to throw off the rhythm I am currently in.   

The Perth Hills district is a great place to train.  I have been camping out near Mundaring Weir during my days off.  It is quite hilly by Australian standards and scenic.  I have the option to run trails around the weir, hop on the Bibbulmun track for an out and back, or just run the unmarked local stuff around the Zig Zag road on Gooseberry hill.  My favourite just might be the 15.5km Eagle view loop in John Forrest National Park.  Right now in Spring there are wildflowers and some pretty epic waterfalls from the heavy rains namely National Park Falls and Hovea falls. 

I found the steepest hill I could find in Kalamunda National Park in the Perth Hills district.  I then did it 5 times pushing both the down and up.  It took about 7 minutes on the up and 4 minutes on the down.  I really need to work on the technical downhill running.  That is where I lost most of my time in last year’s Climbathon.   Interestingly, my downhill speed got slightly quicker on the downs as the workout progressed but started to fade bad on the ups.  This indicates the down is more skill based.  If I practice it, I will get faster.  Hmm.

I started following Kilian on Facebook.  Every day he comes out with some pretty epic picture of him adventuring in the mountains with friends or travelling some distant land like Russia.  It seems like he is living a pretty awesome life and just dominating the sport of mountain and trail running.

Marathon Talk had an interview with Jeff Eggleston.  I finished second to Jeff Eggleston several times on some hill climb races in Arizona around 2009-10.  I liked the fact that he was doing those types of events while being a professional marathoner.  Obviously, that strength work he was doing a few years and consistency overtime is paying off.  He did a podcast recently on marathon talk.  His signature long run workout caught my attention.  It is basically a morning and afternoon run of 25 km each with a total of 75% of it done at marathon race pace.  The interesting part was how he restrict his diet in between runs to train his body to burn fat.  Think about it, 50km in a day with 37-38 km (23 miles) at race pace.  I may have to try a modification of that for my future ultra/marathon training. 

I heard on the radio an interview with people about what has changed in Perth in the last 20 years.  The number 1 thing was the Diversity.  People coming from all over the world to live here.  It truly is a diverse place.  I jumped in the car today to drive around the mine site and there wasn't one Australian.  Kiwi, South African, Brit and American.  An Italian Backpacker staying near Fremantle told me he is learning French faster english because there are so many of them hanging out there.  It is really cool to live in such a diverse place.  

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